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Community Plugin
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Gatsby Plugin for enabling Module Federation

This Plugin enables Webpack Module Federation, without any sidecar or special solutions.

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⚡️ Features

  • Makes it possible to share React Components from different Gatsby builds.
  • Share your styles, data stores, modules, components and dependencies.
  • Supports fetching of shared parts during build time (SSG).
  • Allows distributed deployments of federated applications.
  • Supports develop and production mode.

🔥 Run the example

🚀 How to use

Install yarn add gatsby-plugin-federation and add it to your gatsby-config.ts file:

// gatsby-config.ts
export default {
  plugins: [
      resolve: 'gatsby-plugin-federation',
      options: {
        ssr: true, // Remotes will be fetched during SSG (SSR)
        federationConfig: {
          // A. For your Remote
          name: 'myRemote',
          exposes: {
            './Button': './src/components/RemoteButton',

          // B. For your Host
          name: 'myHost',
          remotes: {
            remote: 'remote@http://localhost:8002/', // where the content of /public is served

          shared: {}, // Your shared deps

Check out the possible federationConfig options.

👉 Note: If you use (.js) gatsby-config.js – then you need to use module.exports = instead of export default.

Importing federated modules or components

This Plugins comes with a HOC to simplify the imports for federated components.

Method 1

import { Dynamic } from 'gatsby-plugin-federation'

const RemoteModule = Dynamic(() => import('remote/Button'))

render(<RemoteModule fallback={<>Loading...</>} your-props />)

Method 2

You can use the React lazy method to import shared components as well:

const RemoteModule = React.lazy(() => import('remote/Button'))

const DynamicWrapper = () => {
  if (!globalThis.MF_SSR && typeof document === 'undefined') {
    return <>loading...</>
  return (
    <React.Suspense fallback={<>Loading...</>}>
      <RemoteModule />

render(<DynamicWrapper />)


This plugin requires at least:

  • Gatsby v4+ (Webpack v5)
  • React v17+


A big thanks to Zack Jackson for originally coming up with Module Federation.

Read more about Module Federation.

How this Plugin works

It adds async boundaries to the entry files and changes some settings in the Webpack config so the Module Federation Webpack Plugin works without throwing an error.

Development of this Plugin

This package is using semantic-release – so please follow the commit message decoration principles.

  • e.g. run a build in watch mode (re-build on file changes): yarn watch:all
  • e.g. run a command just on host or remote: yarn workspace host start
  • e.g. run build the TypeScript on file changes: yarn workspace gatsby-plugin-federation watch
  • e.g. run the tests like on the CI: yarn workspace e2e test:ci
  • e.g. run the tests in watch mode: yarn workspace e2e test:watch (you would need to run the projects in either development or production first)
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