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Easily add Facebook Analytics to your Gatsby site.

You must have a Facebook App ID to use this plugin.

This loads the Facebook JavaScript SDK which means that Social Plugins can also be used. If you’re not using social plugins, setting xfbml to false will improve page load times.


npm install gatsby-plugin-facebook-analytics

How to use

The appId option is required. All other options are optional. Default values are shown in the example below:

// In your gatsby-config.js
plugins: [
    resolve: `gatsby-plugin-facebook-analytics`,
    options: {
      // Required - set this to the ID of your Facebook app.
      appId: `YOUR_APP_ID`,

      // Which version of the SDK to load.
      version: `v3.3`,

      // Determines whether XFBML tags used by social plugins are parsed.
      xfbml: true,

      // Determines whether a cookie is created for the session or not.
      cookie: false,

      // Include Facebook analytics in development.
      // Defaults to false meaning the library will only be loaded in production.
      includeInDevelopment: false,

      // Include debug version of sdk
      // Defaults to false meaning the library will load sdk.js
      debug: false,

      // Select your language.
      language: `en_US`,

See the Facebook JavaScript SDK initialization reference for further details of these options.

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