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Gatsby Plugin for using ES-Build

This Gatsby Plugin replaces the Webpack babel-loader with esbuild-loader.

And there are almost too many thread offs:

  • Babel is not supported anymore
  • It can make the build process faster, but it may not
  • Ideally – Babel and Webpack would rather use some low lever languages to make their AST parser faster. But that will not happen

💥 So, do not use it in production. 💥

It is experimental and not really mean to be used in production.

Know issues:

  • Emotion does not work properly.
  • React v17+ jsx transform (Gatsby config: jsxRuntime: 'automatic') does not work properly.

How it works

It simply uses esbuild-loader and removes all GraphQL Queries.

How to install and use

yarn add -D gatsby-plugin-esbuild
// gatsby-config
module.exports = {
  plugins: ['gatsby-plugin-esbuild'],
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