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Community Plugin
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A Gatsby plugin to integrate Ecoindex Badge to your pages

Real name: gatsby-plugin-ecoindex-v2

This project aims at proposing a badge to be easily integrated to your web pages. This badge will display the Ecoindex score of the web page on which it is integrated and will redirect the user to the Ecoindex score details page.


npm i gatsby-plugin-ecoindex-v2
yarn add gatsby-plugin-ecoindex-v2


1. Integration

Add to gatby-config:

plugins: [
  // ...
    resolve: `gatsby-plugin-ecoindex-v2`,
    options: {
      theme: `light`,
      fixedPosition: true,
  // ...

2. Options

  • theme: light or dark, default light ;
  • fixedPosition: true or false, default false.

The fixed position is a simple <style/> added to head with position: fixed and bottom: 10px.

You can override those styles by targeting #ecoindex-badge in your own css.

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