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Community Plugin
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This small project it’s a Gatsby plugin that fetches user articles from Dev.to’s API /articles?username combined with /articles/${id} endpoint.

Note: There is an alternative plugin called gatsby-source-dev that achieves the same functionality, but it has unnecessary dependencies and hasn’t received recent updates.

NPM version main workflow


Install gatsby-plugin-dev-community in your project:

yarn add gatsby-plugin-dev-community
npm install gatsby-plugin-dev-community

Then add the plugin to your gatsby-config.js file:

  resolve: "gatsby-plugin-dev-community",
  options: {
    username: 'userDevCommunity',  // This is your username on Dev.to
    perPage: '50', // Page size (the number of items to return per page 1 ... 1000). By default is 30
    page: '1' //Pagination page. By default is 1

This plugin retrieves data from the Dev.to API and stores it in Gatsby. It includes a sample query that fetches article information such as title, id, and description.

  allDevArticles {
    edges {
      node {
        article {

Available properties in articles

  type_of: string;
  id: number;
  title: string;
  description: string;
  cover_image: string;
  readable_publish_date: string;
  social_image: string;
  tag_list: string[];
  tags: string;
  slug: string;
  path: string;
  url: string;
  canonical_url: string;
  comments_count: number;
  positive_reactions_count: number;
  public_reactions_count: number;
  collection_id: number;
  created_at: string;
  edited_at: string | null;
  crossposted_at: string | null;
  published_at: string;
  last_comment_at: string;
  published_timestamp: string;
  reading_time_minutes: number;
  user: {
    name: string;
    username: string;
    twitter_username: string;
    github_username: string;
    website_url: string;
    profile_image: string;
    profile_image_90: string;
  organization: {
    name: string;
    username: string;
    slug: string;
    profile_image: string;
    profile_image_90: string;

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