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Syncs your Gatsby site with the dat peer-to-peer network. dat is a decentralized networking protocol. Beaker is a browser built on the dat protocol.

This plugin will do three things:

  1. Create a .well_known/dat file so the dat version of your site will be available at dat://yourdomain.com
  2. Sync the contents of public/ on the dat network.
  3. (Optional) Seed your site to a pinning service so that it is always available. This can be any service that implements the HTTP Pinning Service API, such as Hashbase or your own, self-hosted homebase instance.


$ yarn add gatsby-plugin-dat dat
# OR
$ npm install gatsby-plugin-dat dat

Then, add the plugin to gatsby-config.js

plugins: [`gatsby-plugin-dat`];

Or, if you’d like to use a pinning service like Hashbase, include your credentials in the options:

plugins: [
    resolve: `gatsby-plugin-dat`,
    options: {
      pinning_service: {
        domain: 'https://hashbase.io/',
        // If your pinning service does not need authentication,
        // you can omit these fields.
        username: 'YOUR USERNAME HERE',
        password: 'YOUR PASSWORD HERE',


Every time you run gatsby build or yarn build, your site will build and sync with dat. The unique dat url of your site will be printed to the console. However, in order to actually visit your site using Beaker, you need at least one source to seed it. There are a few ways you can do this:

  • Locally, by running dat ./public. Make sure you have the dat CLI installed globally (yarn global add dat or npm i -g dat). You’ll need to keep this command running as long as you want to seed your site.
  • Locally, using a background service. Instructions:
    $ yarn global add dat-store
    $ dat-store install-service
    $ dat-store run-service
    $ dat-store [PASTE YOUR dat://... URL HERE]
    This will seed your site in the background as long as your machine is running.
  • Using a pinning service, like Hashbase (or homebase for self-hosting). Your site will be automatically synced with a pinning service if you include the service’s domain in this plugin’s config (see above).
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