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Community Plugin
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Add Customerly Livechat to your Gatsby site.

⚙️ Install

Using npm

Run npm install --save gatsby-plugin-customerly-chat

Using yarn

Run yarn add gatsby-plugin-customerly-chat

🚀 How to use

To integrate Customerly Livechat to your Gatsby site, you need to have an account with Customerly. Sign up here.

// gatsby-config.js
plugins: [
    resolve: 'gatsby-plugin-customerly-chat',
    options: {
      configuration: {
        app_id: 'YOUR_CUSTOMERLY_APP_ID'
      includeInDevelopment: true,


  • configuration - Required. Your Customerly Configuration (such as app_id)
  • includeInDevelopment - Optional. Defaults to false

Restart your Gatsby server for the plugin to take effect.

🙋 Contributing

If you have improvements that you’d like to see, or encounter any bugs, feel free to create an issue. Alternatively, please open a PR, and make sure that the new code is properly tested and all the steps.

We follow the Conventional Commits specification.

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