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This plugin is in beta and not officially supported yet

Feel free to open issues for any questions or ideas

Gatsbyjs plugin that uses the Cryptowerk blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) to create an immutable seal on each build.

With these digital seals, the public folder from a gatsby build may now be matched to its original to verify proof of integrity. Learn more in the Cryptowerk developer portal

When you run gatsby build, this plugin will hash and seal the content of the public folder. First by using folder-hash and then calling Cryptowerk API to take care of writing to the blockchains of your choosing. In this version hashes are propagated upwards, the hash that is returned for a folder is generated over all the hashes of its children and only 1 hash if pushed to Cryptowerk and subsequently the blockchains of your choosing.

Here we have an example that will work with the default configuration of gatsby new

$ yarn add gatsby-plugin-cryptowerk-blockchain

Quick start

  1. Signup for a Cryptowerk account
Get free developer account: https://developers.cryptowerk.com/platform/portal/register.html?p=Trial
  1. Add credentials to a .env file, which you won’t commit, or set the environment variable before running gatsby build
// .env.production
  1. Add the following to your project’s gatsby-config.js file:
// gatsby-config.js
  path: `.env.${process.env.NODE_ENV}`,


module.exports = {
  plugins: [
      resolve: `gatsby-plugin-cryptowerk-blockchain`, // add to bottom of plugins list after all data has been written to public folder
      options: { // For sealing you need the API Key and API Credential for your Cryptowerk.com account.
        apiKey: process.env.CRYPTOWERK_APIKEYS, // Concatenation of the API key and secret separated by a space.
        hashoutputfile: './public/hashtree.json', // Optional hash tree will be stored to this file
        outputfile: './public/cryptowerk_seal.json' // Where do you want the seal to be stored?


This is the very first version of the plugin and isn’t yet officially supported. Please leave all your feedback in GitHub issues 😊

TODO A future version will:

  1. pass Cryptowerk ALL of the leaf level hashes from Gatsby’s public folder
  2. generate a balance merkel tree with a single root hash that
  3. write the root hash as a transaction to one or more blockchains.
  4. Cryptowerk Seals are created for each file enabling data integrity to be verified quickly.
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