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BundleStats screenshot

Demos: Bundle analysis comparison · Bundle analysis

BundleStats Gatsby plugin

Node version GitHub action CodeQL


- Bundle size and totals by file type(css, js, img, etc)
- Insights: duplicate packages, new packages
- Initial JS/CSS, Cache invalidation, and other bundle metrics
- Assets report (entrypoint, initial, types, changed, delta)
- Modules report (changed, delta, chunks, duplicate count and percentage)
- Packages report (count, duplicate, changed, delta)
:star: Side by side comparison for multiple builds


Analyze webpack stats(bundle size, assets, modules, packages) and compare the results between different builds.

How to install

npm install --dev gatsby-plugin-bundle-stats


yarn add --dev gatsby-plugin-bundle-stats

Available options

See bundle-stats-webpack-plugin options.

Examples of usage

// In your gatsby-config.js
module.exports = {
  plugins: [

or with custom options

// In your gatsby-config.js
module.exports = {
  plugins: [
      resolve: 'gatsby-plugin-bundle-stats',
      options: {
        compare: true,
        outDir: '../artifacts',
        stats: {
          context: './src'

Other packages


npm npm

CLI to generate bundle stats report.


npm npm

Webpack plugin to generate bundle stats report.


npm npm

Next.js plugin for bundle-stats.


npm npm

Rollup plugin to generate bundle stats report.

:cyclone: relative-ci.com

Optimize your web app’s performance with automated bundle stats analysis and monitoring.

  • :crystal_ball: In-depth bundle stats analysis for every build
  • :chart_with_upwards_trend: Monitor bundle stats changes and identify opportunities for optimizations
  • :bell: Rule based automated review flow, or get notified via GitHub Pull Request comments, GitHub check reports and Slack messages
  • :wrench: Support for webpack and beta support for Vite/Rollup
  • :hammer: Support for all major CI services(CircleCI, GitHub Actions, Gitlab CI, Jenkins, Travis CI)
  • :nut_and_bolt: Support for npm, yarn and pnpm; support for monorepos
  • :two_hearts: Always free for Open Source

:rocket: Get started

:first_quarter_moon: relative-ci/compare

Standalone web application to compare Webpack/Lighthouse/Browsertime stats.

Compare bundle stats

:zap: bundle-stats-action

Github Action that generates bundle-stats reports.

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