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Community Plugin
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As the name suggests, this plugin is a pretty basic wrapper around babel-plugin-typescript-to-proptypes.


How to install

To get started, install this plugin and babel-plugin-typescript-to-proptypes:

When using NPM:

npm i -D gatsby-plugin-babel-plugin-typescript-to-proptypes babel-plugin-typescript-to-proptypes

When using Yarn:

yarn add --dev gatsby-plugin-babel-plugin-typescript-to-proptypes babel-plugin-typescript-to-proptypes

We need to install both as babel-plugin-typescript-to-proptypes is a peer dependency of this plugin.

Available options

All the options of babel-plugin-typescript-to-proptypes are available and will be passed through.
Please see the docs of that plugin on the available options.

The additional disable option has been added for convenience sake, which will disable this plugin from running altogether.

When do I use this plugin?

Use this plugin if you want propTypes to be added to your components based on your type definitions.
If you’re not using Gatsby with Typescript, this plugin is not for you.
Again, more to be found on that in the docs on babel-plugin-typescript-to-proptypes

Example usage

    resolve: "gatsby-plugin-babel-plugin-typescript-to-proptypes",
    options: {
        ... Any options from `babel-plugin-typescript-to-proptypes` you want to provide

Once you’ve configured this plugin, you’re free to delete any propTypes that you might already have defined in your code.

You might want to set the disable option depending on the environment you’re running gatsby in, as most people don’t need propTypes in production builds.
Gatsby will set the env variable NODE_ENV to development or production for the gatsby develop and gatsby build commands respectively, which means a good way to configure the disable option would be as follows:

    resolve: "gatsby-plugin-babel-plugin-typescript-to-proptypes",
    options: {
        disable: process.env.NODE_ENV === "production",
        ... //Any other options you want to provide

Do I really need a plugin for a plugin?

No, if you’d rather have control over adding babel-plugin-typescript-to-proptypes yourself, you could also implement things yourself in gatsby-node.js. In that case you don’t need this plugin.
This plugin was made because it was needed for a personal project, but I thought I’d provide the functionality to other people who went looking for the same thing as me.


exports.onCreateBabelConfig = ({stage, actions: {setBabelPlugin}}, options) => {
  if (stage === "develop") { //Gatsby calls `onCreateBabelConfig` on every stage for both `gatsby build` and `gatsby develop` so we only need one stage
      name: require.resolve("babel-plugin-typescript-to-proptypes"),

See the Gatsby Node API docs for more info.

How to develop locally

  • Clone this plugin
  • That’s it, this plugin has no dependencies apart from having node installed on your system


Please file an issue in this repo and/or open a PR if you’d like to contribute

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