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Gatsby plugin Appointlet Button for adding your booking page to your website.

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More informations in CHANGELOG.md


Use this commmand npm i --save gatsby-plugin-appointlet or yarn install gatsby-plugin-appointlet


Add an env var named GATSBY_APPOINTLET_URL = e.g. https://appointlet.link/your-scheduling-page


// In your gatsby-config.js
module.exports = {
  plugins: [
    ... other plugins
    ... other plugins

Add import to your file :

import { AppointletButton } from 'gatsby-plugin-appointlet'

Add component to your file :

<AppointletButton tag="div" className="btn btn-primary gap-2">
  <FaCalendarCheck />
  <span>Prenez rendez-vous</span>

You can set the type of component when you set the tag attribute. By default, the component is a button.

Every attributes set will be add to AppointletButton|button.

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