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Easily add Algolia DocSearch to your Gatsby site.

Inspired by the code at


npm install --save gatsby-plugin-algolia-docsearch

How to use

// In your gatsby-config.js
plugins: [
    resolve: `gatsby-plugin-algolia-docsearch`,
    options: {
      apiKey: "ALGOLIA_DOCUSEARCH_API_KEY", // required
      indexName: "ALGOLIA_DOCUSEARCH_INDEX_NAME", // required
      inputSelector: "ALGOLIA_DOCUSEARCH_INPUT_SELCTOR", // required
      debug: false // (bool) Optional. Default `false`

The fields apiKey, indexName and inputSelector must be set. This plugin has been configured not to throw when one of these is missing, rather, it will simply do nothing.

Now all that you need to do it add an input type element anywhere on the page with a selector that matches the inputSelector field in your options object to enjoy Algolia DocSearch in your Gatsby project!

Element Check

This plugin uses the MutationObserver API to watch for changes to your DOM tree and then call the docsearch function once at least once instance of the element is found in the tree.

It’s a pretty neat API with support for all browsers including IE11. (<= IE10 won’t be able to use this plugin however)

A small amount of overhead may occur on initial load due to this function watching the DOM tree however, once the element is found successfully the observer is destroyed.

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