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Easily add the Ackee Tracking script to your Gatsby site.

A Gatsby plugin that interacts with the GraphQL API of Ackee. Should be used to feed your server with data from your visitors.


gatsby-plugin-ackee-tracker requires a running Ackee server.

How to install

NPM npm install --save gatsby-plugin-ackee-tracker

Yarn yarn add gatsby-plugin-ackee-tracker


// In your gatsby-config.js
plugins: [
    resolve: "gatsby-plugin-ackee-tracker",
    options: {
      // Domatin ID found when adding a domain in the admin panel.
      domainId: "YOUR_ACKEE_DOMAIN_ID",
      // URL to Server eg: "".
      server: "",
      // Disabled analytic tracking when running localy
      ignoreLocalhost: true,
      // Enable or disable the tracking of your own visits (as identified by your login to the Ackee dashboard).
      ignoreOwnVisits: false,
      // If enabled it will collect info on OS, BrowserInfo, Device  & ScreenSize
      detailed: false,



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