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gatsby-firesource npm version

Gatsby source plugin for building websites using Firestore as a data source.


  1. Get a private key for your Firebase project.
  2. Put that private key somewhere in your Gatsby project.
  3. $ npm i gatsby-firesource
  4. Configure gatsby-config.js
module.exports = {
  plugins: [
      resolve: 'gatsby-firesource',
      options: {
        credential: require("./firebase.json"),
        types: [
            type: 'Book',
            collection: 'books',
            map: doc => ({
              title: doc.title,
              isbn: doc.isbn,
              author___NODE: doc.author.id,
            type: 'Author',
            collection: 'authors',
            map: doc => ({
              name: doc.name,
              country: doc.country,
              books___NODE: doc.books.map(book => book.id),
  1. To query
  allBooks {
    edges {
      node {
        author {


Key Description
credential Require your private key here
types Array of types, which require the following 3 keys
type The type of the collection, which will be used in GraphQL queries. Eg, when type = Book, the GraphQL types are named book and allBook
collection The name of the collections in Firestore. Nested collections are not tested.
map A function to map your data in Firestore to Gatsby nodes, utilize the undocumented ___NODE to link between nodes


This project is created solely to suit our requirements, no maintenance/warranty are provided. Feel free to send in pull requests.



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