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A Simple Easy Grade Calculator by GatsbyJS

This grade calculator converts grade of each assessment and test into weighted grade.


npm install --save easy-grade-calculator



expected input

The way to use the easy-grade would be to create a csv file as the input grades. Create an input file grades.csv with the contents:

For example, you have the following grades: homework 82 25%, quiz 95 15%, midterm 85 30%, and final 90 30%, you can create a ‘grades.csv’ file as below:

  • grade, string, could be in percentage, letters or points
  • weight, number


quiz, 95, 15
midterm, 85, 30
homework, 82, 20
final, 90, 30

The CSV should have at least 2 columns.

For a full function of grade calulcator, Check for Grade Calculator for a detailed reference of the calculation.

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