Gatsby-crudzoo is Gatsby theme for blog site. gatsby@3 supported

Demo site



I also use gatsby-crudzoo theme on my website.

Getting started


npm init -y
npm install gatsby react react-dom gatsby-crudzoo gatsby-plugin-postcss

or using yarn

yarn init -y
yarn add gatsby react react-dom gatsby-crudzoo gatsby-plugin-postcss

Update package.json

Add a new Scripts “develop” and “build” to your package.json. And It is convenient to add cache clear command “clean”


  "scripts": {
    "develop": "gatsby develop",
    "build": "gatsby build",
    "clean": "rm -rf .cache public"

create setting files

create setting files in your root directory.


module.exports = {
  siteMetadata: {
    language: `en`,
    title: `site title`,
    author: `your name`,
    keywords: [`blog`, `gatsby`],
    heroText: ``,
    description: `site description`,
    social: {
      twitter: `your twitter name`,
  plugins: [
      resolve: "gatsby-crudzoo",
      options: {},

write your first article

Write your first post at mdx on blog/hello-world/index.mdx and place the thumbnail file in the same folder.

Include the following key in the first article to avoid graphql errors

  1. id
  2. title
  3. date
  4. tags
  5. spoiler
  6. image
  7. template
  8. link
  9. score


// blog/about/index.mdx
id: "article-1"
title: "Profile Page"
date: "2019-06-03T21:58:03.284Z"
tags: ["profile", "self-introduction"]
spoiler: "this is my first article"
image: "./thumbnail.png"
template: ""
link: ""
score: ""

hello world!

Series folder

By creating a json file in the series folder, You can create a list of articles called series

  "seriesId": "sample",
  "title": "sample title",
  "spoiler": "my sample series",
  "image": "sample.png",
  "articles": ["article-1"]

Folder Structure

the folder structure is as follows

  ├── blog
  │   └── about
  │        ├── thumbnail.png
  │        └── index.mdx
  ├── series
  │   ├── sample.png
  │   └── sample.json
  ├── gatsby-config.js
  ├── package-lock.json
  └── package.json

Start Developing

npm develop

or using yarn

yarn develop

book-review template

There is a template for book reviews. If you are writing a book review article, this may be useful.

title: Sample Book
date: "2020-12-31T12:26:28+09:00"
tags: ["Book Review"]
spoiler: "spoiler"
image: ./thumbnail.jpg
score: 5
template: "book-review"
link: ""

your review

Use shadowing to use the original Component. Create in the next level src/gatsby-crudzoo/components

  • HeroImg.tsx
  • HomeHeroDescription.tsx
  • HomeSidebarBlock.tsx

see demo site repository