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Gatsby adapter for Netlify.

This adapter enables following features on Netlify:

This adapter is part of Gatsby’s zero-configuration deployments feature and will be installed automatically on Netlify. You can add gatsby-adapter-netlify to your dependencies and gatsby-config to have more robust installs and to be able to change its options.


npm install gatsby-adapter-netlify


Add gatsby-adapter-netlify to your gatsby-config and configure the adapter option.

const adapter = require("gatsby-adapter-netlify")

module.exports = {
  adapter: adapter({
    excludeDatastoreFromEngineFunction: false,


excludeDatastoreFromEngineFunction (optional, default: false)

If true, Gatsby will not include the LMDB datastore in the serverless functions used for SSR/DSG. Instead, it will upload the datastore to Netlify’s CDN and download it on first load of the functions.

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