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This repository is a Gatsby Theme. It can be accessed via the gatsby-theme-bch-wallet npm package. It is used by the bch-wallet-starter Gatsby Starter

If you want to create your own BCH web wallet app, you should start with the starter.

Live Demos:


This is a mobile-first Gatsby Theme that is IPFS-ready. It integrates the AdminLTE Dashboard React components to create a dashboard. This app is built as a light-weight Bitcoin Cash (BCH) wallet. It can be forked and the BCH functionality can be leveraged for many different use cases, and to solve many different business problems.

Installing a Dev Environment

Standard workflow for setting up a development environment for working on this repo:

  • git clone https://github.com/Permissionless-Software-Foundation/gatsby-ipfs-web-wallet
  • cd gatsby-ipfs-web-wallet
  • npm install
  • npm start

Compiling Android App

Hooks are provided for compiling this code base into an Android App using Capacitor. It’s possible to use this code to also compile an iOS app, but it is untested. Here is the flow for building the Android app:

  • Follow the instructions above to install the Dev Environment
  • Download and install Android Studio
  • Update the capacitor.config file with the route where Android studio is installed.
  • npm run build (generates the public folder)
  • npm run android:setup (generates the android folder)
  • npm run android:open (opens the android studio with the project)
  • Compile the APK with Android Studio.

Note: The gcradle and sdk versions must be compatible.



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