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Community Plugin
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A plugin for Gatsby that is used to fetch data on posts (with images only atm) in a particular subreddit on Reddit.

This plugin will send an anonymous GET request to reddit based on the options you’ve configured this plugin with. The response will then be mapped into a simplified container where each post will represent a node that can be queried using Gatsby’s GraphQL system. The images fetched have been turned into File nodes that allow you to utilise Gatsby Image to optimise image loading.


npm install fetch-reddit-plugin


yarn add fetch-reddit-plugin

How to use

// In your gatsby-config.js
module.exports = {
  plugins: [
    // Declare the plugin and configure the options
    // More about them below
      resolve: `fetch-reddit-plugin`,
      options: {
        subreddit: 'photoshopbattles',
        sortedBy: 'hot',
        allowOver18: false,
        limit: 25,


Here is a list of the options you can configure:

subreddit (required)

This is the name of the subreddit you would like to fetch posts from. This option expects a string and you must supply a value.


This will determine what type of posts you get back and you can only choose from ‘hot’, ‘new’ or ‘rising’. Based on your selection will determine how all the posts in this subreddit are sorted and then you will get limit number of posts back from the top. If you do not provide an option, ‘hot’ will be selected by default.


This will filter out or leave in NSFW/18+ posts from the returned results depending on your configuration. false to filter out, true to leave in. The default option is false.


This will determine the number of posts that are returned from the Reddit API. You may not receive this number of posts back from this plugin though. This is due to posts being filtered out from things like not having an image in the post or being NSFW as examples. The default value for this is 25.

How to query

Here is what you can use to query reddit post nodes:

  allRedditPost {
    edges {
      node {
        img {
        remoteImage {
          childImageSharp {
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