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This theme extends scttcper/gatsby-theme-casper with further styling and works well with @westegg/gatsby-theme-core.

This Gatsby Theme lives in Westegg.


Try out the demo

Copy the starter from the repo

Getting Started

git clone
cp -r westegg/starters/westegg-jasper new-site
cd new-site
yarn install
yarn build


Options (defaults shown) can be set in gatsby-config.js as follows.

module.exports: {
  plugins: {
    resolve: "@westegg/gatsby-theme-digital-garden",
    options: {
      header: {
        home: {
          href: "/",
          label: "Westegg Jasper"
        links: [
            href: "/notes",
            label: "Themes"
  siteMetadata: {
    title: "Westegg Jasper",
    description: "The mountainous publishing platform",
    coverImage: "img/blog-cover.jpg",
    logo: "img/ghost-logo.png",
    lang: "en",
    siteUrl: "", // full path to blog - no ending slash
    facebook: "",
    twitter: "",
    showSubscribe: false, // subscribe button in site nav and home page
    mailchimpAction: "", // '',
    mailchimpName: "", // 'b_a89b6987ac248c81b0b7f3a0f_7d777b7d75',
    mailchimpEmailFieldName: "", // 'MERGE0',
    googleSiteVerification: "", // 'GoogleCode',
    footer: "is based on National Parks of Canada",
    footerLink: "", // "",
    footerShowRss: true,
    postsPerPage: 6
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