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This is a plugin developed to manage your contacts on your audience. This plugins add a user to your audience or update it if it exists already.

We have some plans to expand this plugin and fully integrate with Mailchimp API, allowing you to use a full featured mailchimp integration in your Gatsby sites. Feel free to send suggestions :blush:

This plugin was based on Benjamin Hoffman’s gatsby-plugin-mailchimp and Rohov Dmytro’s gatsby-source-mailchimp. I recommend you to check those plugins, maybe they will help you too.


yarn add @vagalumedigital/gatsby-plugin-mailchimp-api



    resolve: `gatsby-plugin-mailchimp-api`,
    options: {
      id: '<ID-OF-YOUR-MC-LIST>', // string; ID of your mailchimp list found on your list settings
      key: '<MC-API-KEY>', // string; You can find your API key in account settings of your mailchimp account.

Import the module on your code

import { addToMailchimp } from '@vagalumedigital/gatsby-plugin-mailchimp-api'

Then add the following code to your form submit:

  // email
  // merge fields
    'FNAME': 'John',
    'LNAME': 'Doe',
  // interests. The ID of the interest is the key of the object. Remember, it's a object not a array!
  { ff8fc8c005: false },
).then(data => console.log(data));

If you want to get the interests of the list you’re subscribing into, you can call:

import { getInterests } from '@vagalumedigital/gatsby-plugin-mailchimp-api'

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