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Community Plugin
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A Gatsby theme that wires everything up required for styling with Theme UI.

This theme export the Layout component and re-exports all of Theme UI’s components and all components from @undataforum/components. This means that you do not have to install anything other than this theme to use the UNDataForum design system.

Styling with Theme UI

All @undataforum/gatsby-theme-<content-type>-core themes are themes that come without any opinion on styling. The idea is that you shadow all page components and use whatever you prefer for styling.

This theme on the other hand is opinionated about styling. It wires up Theme UI for use with Gatsby and configures @undataforum/preset as theme. You can use any other Theme UI preset by shadowing index.js of gatsby-plugin-theme-ui.


This theme installs the following plugins:

Plugin Description
gatsby-plugin-catch-links Use Gatsby’s Link component for all internal links.
gatsby-plugin-theme-ui Wire up Theme UI for use with Gatsby.
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