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Community Plugin
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A Gatsby theme that adds a Profile interface and MdxProfile type to Gatsby sites.


Key Default value Description
basePath / Basepath for deployments at path other than root.
collection profiles The collection is added to Profile nodes. It is also part of the path.
contentPath content/profiles Location of profile MDX files and assets. You can organize them in whichever way you want, e.g. place them in sub-directories.
mdxOtherwiseConfigured false Set this flag to true if gatsby-plugin-mdx is already configured for your site.


Key Required Description
slug The slug is used to create the path to the generated profile and is used as ID to match profiles to other data types. The slug needs to be unique across collections.
avatar Relative path to avatar image located in the contentPath.
honorific Honorific title, e.g. Her Excellency or His Royal Highness.
firstName First name.
lastName Last name.
jobtitle Job title.
organization Organization.
description The default description for SEO purposes is the first paragraph in a profile MDX file. This value overrrides the default.
roles One or more roles that a profile can have. This is a YAML list with role keys as values, e.g. 2020-committee-member or 2018-organizer.

Profile interface

Field Type Description
id ID! Use slug instead of Gatsby node GUID.
collection String! Collection to which this profile belongs.
avatar File! If in the future data sources other than MDX are supported, avatar still needs to be of type File!, e.g. downoaded from Contentful to cache. Data sources need to support gatsby-image.
firstName String! Used for sorting profiles.
lastName String! Used for sorting profiles.
name String! Display name.
honorific String From frontmatter.
jobtitle String From frontmatter.
organization String From frontmatter.
description String From frontmatter.
body String! A string representation of the body of the profile page.
roles [String!] A role is an identifier that can be used to lookup a role name. A profile can have more than one role.
path String! Path to generated page.

Type MdxProfile implements Profile. If you prefer to use a data source other than MDX files, you can write a child theme that implements the Profile interface.

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