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Community Plugin
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A Gatsby theme that adds an Event interface and MdxEvent type to Gatsby sites.


Key Default Value Description
basePath / Basepath for deployments at path other than root.
collection events The collection is added to Event nodes. It is also part of the path.
contentPath content/events Location of event MDX files and assets. You can organize them in whichever way you want, e.g. place them in sub-directories.
mdxOtherwiseConfigured false Set this flag to true if gatsby-plugin-mdx is already configured for your site.

Any other options will have no effect on the theme, but they will get routed through all tempaltes via pageContext and you can access them from within a template.


Key Required Description
id You can override Gatsby’s internal ID with this field. This comes in handy when you want to be able to easily identify and query a specific event, e.g. for a pinned events feature.
title Event title. An event’s slug is automatically derived from the title.
slug Use this field to overwrite the automatically derived slug.
date Start date and time. Shortened ISO 8601 timestamp (yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm), e.g. 2019-08-29T09:00.
endDate End date and time. See date.
timezone Time zone name from tz database, e.g. America/New_York. This is the time zone for your event (should be local time).
moderators Array of moderator names.
speakers Array of speaker names.
location Location ID. You can localize the location ID in shadowed templates.
description The default description for SEO purposes is the first paragraph in an event MDX file. With this field you can overrwrite the default.
registrationLink Optional registration link.
attachments Array of relative paths to attachments, e.g. images or PDFs.


EventDescription interface

Field Type Description
id ID! Gatsby node GUID.
body String! String representation of the description.
text String! Text only representation of the description.

Event interface

Field Type Description
id ID! Gatsby node GUID.
collection String! Collection to which this event belongs.
title String! Event title.
startDate Date! Start date converted to UTC.
endDate Date! End date converted to UTC.
moderators [String!] Array of moderator names.
speakers [String!] Array of speaker names.
location String! Location ID (currently not linked to anything).
description EventDescription! Event description (formatted and text).
registrationLink String Registration link.
body String! A string representation of the body of the event page.
path String! Path to generated page.

Type MdxEvent implements Event. If you prefer to use a data source other than MDX files, you can write a child theme that implements the Event interface.

Tagging support

This theme is compatible with @maiertech/gatsby-theme-tags-core, which implements tagging for MDX files. Check its README for more information on how to wire it up. You can add the tagging theme more than once and create multiple independent tag collections. But the most common use case is one tag collection for multiple tagged collections. Use option mdxCollections to configure which collections should be included.

Once you have added the tagging theme to your gatsby-config.js you need to follow these steps:

  1. You can add an optional tags field to the frontmatter of posts. The tags theme will include them in the configured collection and corresponding tag pages. At this point any pages generated by the tags theme are unstyled.
  2. Shadow tag-page.js and Shadow tags-page.js to style tag pages.
  3. Modify the shadowed event-page.js to display the tags. You can use the Tags component to display the tags. Tags are already included in the template query. In oder to assemble paths to tag pages, you can add theme option tagCollection with the tag collection name. All theme options are routed through to the template and accessible via pageContext.

Note that Field description for tagged items is not supported, because description in frontmatter is optional in @undataforum/gatsby-theme-events-core since descriptions default to the first paragraph in MDX files.

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