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Community Plugin
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A Gatsby theme that does the following:

  1. It adds selected Gatsby plugins that are required in every @UNDataForum website to gatsby-config.js.

  2. It exports the SEO component that can be used in templates to add SEO metadata.

  3. It and generates standardized pages (from MDX files) that need to be present in every website.


Option Default Description
mdxOtherwiseConfigured false Set this flag to true if gatsby-plugin-mdx is already configured for your site.

Site metadata

To make the SEO component work, you need to define the following site metadata in your site’s gatsby-config.js:

Key Required Description
siteTitle Site title for SEO.
siteDescription Site description for SEO in homepage.
siteUrl URL from which the production site is served. Used for sitemap creation.
siteTwitter Site Twitter username for SEO. Can be set to ''.
siteLanguage Default site language.


This theme installs the following plugins:

Plugin Description
gatsby-plugin-react-helmet Required to make the SEO component work.
gatsby-plugin-sitemap Create a sitemap that you can submit to Google.

Standardized pages

Title Path Description
Contact /contact/ Palceholder page for contact details. Needs to be shadowed in website.
Copyright /copyright/ Standardized copyright notice.
Privacy Notice /privacy-notice/ Standardized privacy notice.
Terms of USe /terms-of-use/ Standardized terms of use.
404 /404/ 404 page. Can be shadowed in your site.

All standardized pages are unstyled. You can style them by shadowing the template from @maiertech/gatsby-theme-pages-core.

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