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@tony/gatsby-plugin-elasticsearch-search · GitHub license npm version

An experimental plugin for Gatsby to synchronise content between Gatsby and AWS Elasticsearch. You can write a GraphQL query to fetch the data, and parse it to a format which will be used for Elasticsearch.


  • Node.js v12 or newer.
  • An AWS Elasticsearch instance, and API credentials for it.


First, install the package using npm or yarn.

yarn add -D @tony/gatsby-plugin-elasticsearch-search


npm install --save-dev @tony/gatsby-plugin-elasticsearch-search

Getting started

To use the plugin, add it to your gatsby-config.js:

export default {
  // ...
  plugins: [
      resolve: '@tony/gatsby-plugin-elasticsearch-search',
      options: {
        // See below


The following options are available:

  • enabled - Whether the plugin is enabled or not. Can be used to toggle the synchronisation. This defaults to false.

      enabled: !!process.env.ELASTIC_SYNC;
  • provider: Default 'vanilla'


    • vanilla: No extra params
    • aws: Requires awsAccessKey, secretAccessKey
    • elastic.co: Requires apiKey
  • query - A GraphQL query to fetch the data.

      query: `
        query {
          allMdx {
            nodes {
              frontmatter {
  • selector - A function which takes the raw GraphQL data and returns the nodes to process.

      selector: (data) => data.allMdx.nodes;
  • toDocument - A function which takes a single node (from selector), and returns an object with the data to insert into Elasticsearch. The object must contain an id field, which is used as the ID for the document. Note that the data should be JSON serialisable.

      toDocument: (node) => ({
        id: node.slug,
        title: node.frontmatter.title,
        excerpt: node.excerpt
  • endpoint - The HTTP endpoint of the Elasticsearch server. It should not have a trailing slash.

      endpoint: process.env.ELASTIC_AWS_ENDPOINT;
  • index - The name of the index to insert the data into. If the index does not exist, it will be created.

      index: 'articles';
  • mapping - An object with the mapping info for the index. This will overwrite the current settings for the index. Please refer to the Elasticsearch docs for an overview of the options.

      mapping: {
        title: {
          type: 'keyword'
        excerpt: {
          type: 'text'
  • accessKeyId - The AWS IAM access key ID. (aws only)

      endpoint: process.env.ELASTIC_AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID;
  • secretAccessKey - The AWS IAM secret access key. (aws only)

      endpoint: process.env.ELASTIC_AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY;


Fork of https://github.com/Mrtenz/gatsby-plugin-aws-elasticsearch/ / gatsby-plugin-aws-elasticsearch


  • Rewrote in TypeScript -> Gatsby-friendly javascript
  • Set providers:
    • vanilla - Running elasticsearch on localhost
    • aws
    • elastic.co
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