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The simple blogging theme that is suitable for figure photographs.




  • Make your photos look as large as possible.
  • Responsive
  • Hero image support
    • If it’s portrait, focus (crop) on the top side because the figure’s face is usually there❗
  • Pure Markdown not MDX
  • Special hooks
  • Code highlighting by prism.js
  • Dark Mode only
  • Tags, archives page support
  • Cards layout support in tags and archives page
  • pagination
  • Debug and playground page support

Special hooks

Some Markdown under special conditions are converted to special components.

Post link cards of internal links

Convert top-level internal link in your Markdown to post-link-card. The card has hero-image of linked post (or page), so looks so good❗

For example, when you write the following Markdown,

Link card test.

[Portrait test](/test-posts/hero-image-portrait-1/)

you will get post-link-card like the below.


This hook works under the following conditions

  • The link must be at the top level.
    • For example, the links in the blockquote does not converted.
  • The link must be alone in a paragraph.
    • For example, the links surrounded some texts does not converted.
  • The link is not an image link.

Image compare slider

Convert 2 images that have special title to image-compare-slider by react-compare-slider . This is very helpful when you want to show interactive compare slider for your site visitors❗

For example, when you write the following Markdown,

![Focus on Miyu](../images/compare-left.jpg "left")
![Focus on Chloe](../images/compare-right.jpg "right")

you will get image-compare-slider like the below.


This hook works under the following conditions

  • The paragraph that includes left and right images must be at the top level.
  • The title of images starts with left or right .
  • left and right images exist and are in same paragraph.
    • This means that you cannot insert blank lines between 2 images in Markdown.


npm install @tenpamk2/gatsby-theme-figure-blog

Install as a starter




Key example Description
title 'My Blog' Title of your blog.
description 'The blog about japanese figure!!' Description of your blog.
siteUrl '' Origin of your blog. Do not end with / . 'your name' Author name. This is shown in bio sidebar.
author.summary 'I'm a software engineer in Japan.' Author summary. This is shown in bio sidebar.
social.twitter '@youraccount' Twitter acount. Leave it blank if not needed.
social.instagram 'your_account' Instagram acount. Leave it blank if not needed.
social.github 'yourAccount' GitHub acount. Leave it blank if not needed.
menuLinks [...] Menu links in nav-bar at top in header.
menuLinks[].name 'About' Link text.
menuLinks[].link '/about/' Link.

Theme options

Key Default Value Description
archivesPath 'archives' URL for the archives pages.
basePath 'base' Root url for the theme.
cardsPerPage 12 The number of cards in 1 page.
debugPath 'debug' URL for the debug page.
externalLinks [] External link lists info for sidebar.
externalLinks[].name - External link text.
externalLinks[].url - External link.
formatStringMonthAndDay 'MM/DD' formatString for month and day.
formatStringTime 'HH:mm:ss' formatString for time.
formatStringYear 'YYYY' formatString for year.
locale 'en-US' Locale.See MDN .
pagesPath 'pages' URL for the pagination after 2nd pages.
playgroundPath 'playground' URL for the playground page.
postPath 'post' URL for the post page.
postsPerPage 6 The number of posts in 1 page at main page.
rssNeedFullContent false Contain full content into the field of MarkdownPost.rssContentEncoded for RSS.
rssPruneLength 128 The prune length of the field of MarkdownPost.rssDescription for RSS.
rssTruncate false Truncate texts of the field of MarkdownPost.rssContentEncoded and MarkdownPost.rssDescription for RSS.
tagsPath 'tags' URL for the tags page.
options*** - Plugin options. Do not set unless you understand what you are doing.
optionsGatsbyRemarkImages (See gatsby-config.js ) gatsby-remark-images options. You can change image quality , max-width or etcetc.
optionsGatsbyTransformerRemark (See gatsby-config.js ) gatsby-transformer-remark options. You can change excerpt_separator .

Excample usage

See gatsby-config.mjs of example .

Change header image

Place your image at static/header.webp .

Change bio image

Place your image at src/@tenpamk2/gatsby-theme-figure-blog/images/bio.svg . Or, shadow bio-icon.js by placing it at src/@tenpamk2/gatsby-theme-figure-blog/components/bio-icon.js .

Change placeholder image

Place your image at src/@tenpamk2/gatsby-theme-figure-blog/images/no-image.png .


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