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The blogging theme that is suitable for Bishoujo Figure photographs. You can start your own bishoujo figure review blog right now❗


View demo!!

My blog

tenpaMk2’s blog


  • Make your photos look as large as possible.
  • Responsive
  • Hero image
    • If it’s portrait, focus (crop) on the top side. Since the figure’s face is often there❗
  • Generate post title from filename
  • Pure Markdown not MDX
  • Special hooks
  • Code highlighting by Prism.js
  • Dark mode only
  • Tags, archives pages
  • Cards layout support in tags and archives page
  • Pagination
  • Debug page
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Partial locale support by Intl


npm install @tenpamk2/gatsby-theme-figure-blog

This theme use Tailwind CSS, so you need to set up plugin options and create the some file. You don’t need to install each package since this theme specifies them as dependencies.

Enable PostCSS plugin.

  plugins: [

Create postcss.config.js in the top directory of your project.

module.exports = {
  plugins: {
    tailwindcss: {},
    autoprefixer: {},

Create tailwind.config.js in the top directory of your project. Change the content options as you like.

const defaultOptions = require(`@tenpamk2/gatsby-theme-figure-blog/tailwind.config.js`);

/** @type {import('tailwindcss').Config} */
module.exports = {
    content: [
      `./src/**/*.{js,jsx,mjs,ts,tsx}` // Change this as you like.

Create src/styles/global.css .

@tailwind base;
@tailwind components;
@tailwind utilities;

Add import in gatsby-browser.js .

import "./src/styles/global.css";

It’s over❗

Install as a starter

npx gatsby new gatsby-starter-figure-blog https://github.com/tenpaMk2/gatsby-starter-figure-blog

View the starter’s code.

Not supported

RSS Feed

This theme does not generate RSS feed. Use gatsby-plugin-feed .

This theme provides posts information ( MarkdownPost nodes ) by GraphQL. It has helpful fields for RSS ( rssContentEncoded and rssDescription ). They can be used in gatsby-plugin-feed options as follows.

  // See [gatsby-plugin-feed doc](https://www.gatsbyjs.com/plugins/gatsby-plugin-feed/) .
  resolve: `gatsby-plugin-feed`,
  options: {
    query: `
        site {
          siteMetadata {
            # All fields are pass through as \`feedOptions\` .
            title # This is overwritten by \`title\` of \`feeds\` .
            site_url: siteUrl
    feeds: [
        serialize: ({ query: { site, allMarkdownPost } }) =>
            ({ date, rssContentEncoded, rssDescription, slug, title }) => ({
              description: rssDescription,
              url: new URL(slug, site.siteMetadata.siteUrl).href, // Unlike Gatsby, URL must be percent-encoded in RSS.
              custom_elements: [{ "content:encoded": rssContentEncoded }],
        query: `
            allMarkdownPost(limit: 20, sort: {date: DESC}) {
              nodes {
        output: "/rss.xml",
        title: "Your site's RSS feed | All",


This theme does not generate favicons and insert <link rel="icon"> tags. Use gatsby-plugin-manifest .

Google analytics

This theme does not embed gtag. Use gatsby-plugin-google-gtag .

Comment section in posts

This theme does not have comment section.

Special hooks

Some Markdown under special conditions are converted to special components.

Post link cards of internal links

Convert an internal link to a post-link-card. The card has hero-image of linked post (or page), so looks so good❗

For example, when you write the following Markdown,

Link card test.

[Portrait test](/test-posts/hero-image-portrait-1/)

you will get the following post-link-card.


This hook works under the following conditions.

  • The link is internal-link, not external-link.
  • The link is at the top level.
    • For example, the link in the blockquote does not converted.
  • The link is the only element in the paragraph.
    • For example, the link on the next line of text will not be converted.
  • The link is not an image link.

Image compare slider

Convert 2 images to image-compare-slider by react-compare-slider . This is very helpful when you want to show interactive compare slider for your site visitors❗

For example, when you write the following Markdown,

![Focus on Miyu](../images/compare-left.jpg "left")
![Focus on Chloe](../images/compare-right.jpg "right")

you will get the following image-compare-slider.


This hook works under the following conditions.

  • The title of images starts with left or right .
  • Both images are at the top level.
  • Both images are in the same paragraph.
    • This means that you cannot insert blank lines between both images in Markdown.



Key example Description
title 'My Blog' Title of your blog.
description 'The blog about japanese figure!!' Description of your blog.
siteUrl 'https://your-blog.com' Origin of your blog. Do not end with / .
author.name 'your name' Author name. This is shown in bio sidebar.
author.summary 'I'm a software engineer in Japan.' Author summary. This is shown in bio sidebar.
social.twitter '@youraccount' Twitter acount. Leave it '' if not needed.
social.instagram 'your_account' Instagram acount. Leave it '' if not needed.
social.github 'yourAccount' GitHub acount. Leave it '' if not needed.
menuLinks [...] Menu links in nav-bar at top in header.
menuLinks[].name 'About' Link text.
menuLinks[].link '/about/' Link.

Theme options

Key Default Value Description
archivesPath 'archives' URL for the archives pages.
basePath 'base' Root url for the theme.
cardsPerPage 12 The number of cards in 1 page.
debugPath 'debug' URL for the debug page.
descriptionPrunedLength 128 The prune length of description (excerpt).
descriptionTruncate false Truncate texts of the description.
externalLinks [] External link lists info for sidebar.
externalLinks[].name - External link text.
externalLinks[].url - External link.
intlYear { year: 'numeric' } Intl.DateTimeFormat options for year.
intlYearAndMonth { year: 'numeric', month: 'short' } Intl.DateTimeFormat options for year and month.
intlMonth { month: 'short' } Intl.DateTimeFormat options for month.
intlMonthAndDate { month: 'short', day: 'numeric'} Intl.DateTimeFormat options for month and date.
intlTime { timeStyle: 'short', hour12: false} Intl.DateTimeFormat options for time.
locale 'en-US' Locale.See MDN .
pagesPath 'pages' URL for the pagination after 2nd pages.
postPath 'post' URL for the post page.
postsPerPage 6 The number of posts in 1 page at main page.
rssNeedFullContent false Contain full content into the field of MarkdownPost.rssContentEncoded for RSS.
rssPruneLength 128 The prune length of the field of MarkdownPost.rssDescription for RSS.
rssTruncate false Truncate texts of the field of MarkdownPost.rssContentEncoded and MarkdownPost.rssDescription for RSS.
tagsPath 'tags' URL for the tags page.
options*** - Plugin options. Do not set unless you understand what you are doing.
optionsGatsbyRemarkImages (See gatsby-config.mjs ) gatsby-remark-images options. You can change image quality , max-width or etcetc.
optionsGatsbyTransformerRemark (See gatsby-config.mjs ) gatsby-transformer-remark options. You can change excerpt_separator .

MarkdownPost and MarkdownPage

You can create 2 types page from Markdown.

MarkdownPost page is for a post page. You can create it by placing your markdown in the following directory.

  • content/posts/post-title.md
    • URL: /post-title/
  • content/posts/your/post/title/index.md
    • URL: /your/post/title/

MarkdownPage page is for a static page. You can create it by placing your markdown in the following directory.

  • content/pages/page-title.md
    • URL: /page-title/
  • content/pages/your/page/title/index.md
    • URL: /your/page/title/


All keys of frontmatter are optional.

Key MarkdownPost MarkdownPage Description
slug O O Root relative URL of the page. If omitted, it is determined by file path.
title O O Page title. If omitted, it is determined by filename.
canonicalUrl O O Canonical URL (absolute URL). If omitted, it is determined by slug .
heroImage O O Relative path to hero image. If omitted, default no-image image is used.
heroImageAlt O O Alt text for hero image.
isNSFW O O If it’s true , the post is rated as adult content for Google.
tags O - Array of tags.
date O - Date. YAML date format is recommended such as 2023-04-01 23:30:00+9 .

Example usage

See gatsby-config.mjs of example or Markdowns.

Change header image

Place your image at static/header.webp .

Change bio image

Place your image at src/@tenpamk2/gatsby-theme-figure-blog/images/bio.svg . Or, you can do shadowing by creating a customized bio-icon.js and placing it at src/@tenpamk2/gatsby-theme-figure-blog/components/bio-icon.js .

Change placeholder image(no-image image)

Place your image at src/@tenpamk2/gatsby-theme-figure-blog/images/no-image.png . Resolution should be 800 x 450.

If you want to use other resolution, shadow the seo.js and change the resolution settings for OGP.

import noImage from "../images/no-image.png";
const Seo = ({
  // ...
  image: {
    src: imageSrc,
    width: imageWidth,
    height: imageHeight,
    alt: imageAlt,
  } = {
    src: noImage,
    width: 800,
    height: 450,
    alt: `no image`,
  // ...
}) => {
 // ...

Change code syntax highlight theme

Import your favorite Prism.js theme in gatsby-browser.js .

// See [gatsby-remark-prismjs](https://www.gatsbyjs.com/plugins/gatsby-remark-prismjs/) .
import "prismjs/themes/prism-tomorrow.css";

Change Markdown style

This theme uses @tailwindcss/typography for Markdown styling.

If you want to change the style, override typography option in your tailwind.config.js . See tailwind.config.js of this theme


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