Data core handling for our themes.

Using the plugin

Here are the steps to setup your data for your theme:

  • Create a default config in your theme to return a { collections: []} object
    Typically place that in src/cms/default-config.js with an exports of the collections object
  • Add the plugin to the gatsby-config.js plugins Pass the config to the plugin
    Also pass the base path basePath for the theme

    const config = require('./src/cms/default-config.js');

module.exports = { plugins: [ // Setup the netlify cms source (data) { resolve: @talves/gatsby-plugin-data-core, options: { config, basePath: ${__dirname}, }, }, ], };

That's it! Your config will be processed by `gatsby-source-netlify-cms` to add the correct schema for the config file with types and also resolvers for relative fields.

See `@talves/gatsby-theme-plugin-data` to process all your theme plugin data into one config for your site and `gatsby-plugin-netlify-cms`

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