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Embeds video tag in your gatsby project

This is a fork of nullhook/gatsby-remark-video.

Key differences:

  • You can override the default options (width, height, etc) for each video you embed.
  • You can set any attribute on the video tag
  • The video tag is wrapped in a parent div to make it easier to style

Other differences:

  • Options are parsed using TOML
  • Type checking with typescript
  • Unit tests


npm install @stayradiated/gatsby-remark-video

Add the following in your gatsby-config.js

  resolve: '@stayradiated/gatsby-remark-video',
  options: {
    parentTag: 'div',
    parentClass: 'gatsby-remark-video',
    defaultAttributes: {}


In your markdown add the video({ ... }) tag.

Options are parsed as a TOML Inline Table.

`video({ src = "./my_video.mp4" })`

You can also add a title to the video tag by adding it in your markdown

`video({ title = "Short demo", src = "./my_video.mp4" })`

All <video /> tag attributes are supported, and can even be placed on multiple lines.

  title = "Short demo",
  src = "./my_video.mp4",
  width = 500,
  height = "auto",
  autoplay = true

Both single quotes and double quotes are supported.

`video({ title = 'Short "demo"', src = './my_video.mp4' })`

You can even escape quotes with backslashes.

`video({ title = "Short \"demo\"", src = './my_video.mp4' })`

Plugin Options

Default Attributes

You can set default attributes for all video tags in gatsby-config.js.

  resolve: '@stayradiated/gatsby-remark-video',
  options: {
    defaultAttributes: {
      width: 800,
      height: 'auto',
      preload: 'auto',
      muted: true,
      autoplay: true,
      playsinline: true,
      controls: false,
      loop: true

Parent Element

By default, all video tags are wrapped in a <div class="gatsby-remark-video"> tag. You can customise the tag type and class name.

  resolve: '@stayradiated/gatsby-remark-video',
  options: {
    parentTag: 'p',
    parentClass: 'video'
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