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Community Plugin
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Gatsby Theme Static Fuse Docs

A simple markdown documentation Gatsby Theme. Optimized for simple integration with the Static Fuse Publisher Gatsby Theme.

Getting Started

Add the following to your gatsby-config.js

  plugins: [
     // more plugins...

The plugin will create the following directories & files the next time you bootstrap Gatsby:

./config/TOC.yml // Docs menu config
./content/assets/ // Optionally use to store assets when writing markdown
./content/docs/getting-started.md // Starter markdown doc. Place additional docs as children here.

Configuring the “aside” docs menu

Menu configuration is administered by editing the ./config/TOC.yml file.

- label: Getting Started # link text
  path: /docs/getting-started # link href value
  isHeader: false # Am I a header? (not a link at all)

  # Example of a header with child links
- label: Section Three (just a header)
  path: /docs/getting-started
  isHeader: true
  childItems: #child link items.
    - label: child link one
      path: /docs/section-three-article-one
      isHeader: false
    - label: child link two
      path: /docs/section-three-article-two
      isHeader: false
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