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Gatsby Plugin for SEO

Gatsby plugin for adding SEO metadata and socials share preview in SSR.


npm i @simpozio/gatsby-plugin-seo


Install plugin package from npm and add plugin configuration to your gatsby-config.js file

/* gatsby-config.js */
module.exports = {
  plugins: [
      resolve: '@simpozio/gatsby-plugin-seo',
      options: {
        title: 'Site Title';
        description: 'Small description of the site';
        image: 'https://site.url/preview.jpg';
        url: 'https://site.url;
        username: '@twitter_username';


  • title: string - site title
  • description: string - site description
  • image: string - absolute url for image
  • url: string - site url
  • username: string - twitter username with in format @username


See simpozio-frontend-common library

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