Gatsby Plugin for Analytics

Gatsby plugin that combined logic of Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel in single plugin.


npm i @simpozio/gatsby-plugin-analytics


Install plugin package from npm and add plugin configuration to your gatsby-config.js file

/* gatsby-config.js */
module.exports = {
  plugins: [
      resolve: '@simpozio/gatsby-plugin-analytics',
      options: {
        head: true,
        fbq: {
          pixelId: 'your Facebook pixel id',
          disablePushState: true,
          trackViewContent: false,
          trackPageView: false
        gtag: {
          trackingIds: ['your Google Analytics id', 'your Google Ads id', 'your Marketing Platform id'],
          trackPageView: false,


  • head: boolean - if true include script tags into head, else add them to the body
  • fbq: object - configuration for Facebook Pixel, includes next properties:
    • pixelId: number - your Facebook Pixel ID
    • disablePushState: boolean - enable/disable PageView tracking on History updates
    • trackViewContent: boolean - enable/disable tracking of ViewContent event on every route update
    • trackPageView: boolean - enable/disable default PageView tracking
  • gtag: object - configuration for Google gtag.js, includes next properties:
    • trackingIds: string[] - array of tracking ID’s of Google Services fits pattern - [‘your Google Analytics id’, ‘your Google Ads id’, ‘your Marketing Platform id’]
    • trackPageView: boolean - enable/disable default PageView tracking


See simpozio-frontend-common library