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Gatsby Theme Candor is a simple and honest theme that will help you set up a production-grade website in no time.

Out of the box, it provides support for Typescript, MDX, and a custom theme built using the theme-ui spec. It also comes pre-configured to support a blog, frontmatter, syntax highlighting in code blocks, and responsive images.

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  1. Install the theme
npm i --save @shetharp/gatsby-theme-candor
# or
yarn add @shetharp/gatsby-theme-candor
  1. Add the theme to your gatsby-config.js files
// gatsby-config.js

module.exports = {
  plugins: ["@shetharp/gatsby-theme-candor"],
  1. Create .mdx files in your src/pages and src/posts folders.
// pages/index.mdx

title: Hello World! This is a frontmatter title.
author: Arlo Medi
date: 2020-07-30

# Hello World!

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.


This Gatsby theme lets you easily set up a website with pages and blog posts from .mdx files.

This theme also supports the following out of the box:


Learn more about how this theme was developed: TODO

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