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Community Plugin
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Quick Start

npm install @rshackleton/gatsby-theme-kontent
yarn add @rshackleton/gatsby-theme-kontent

Add the theme to your gatsby-config.js.

module.exports = {
  plugins: [
      resolve: `@rshackleton/gatsby-theme-kontent`,
      options: {
        kontent: {
          // @kentico/gatsby-source-kontent options
        kontentImage: {
          // @rshackleton/gatsby-transformer-kontent-image options

What does it do?

The gatsby-theme-kontent theme includes two key plugins for developing a Gatsby website with Kentico Kontent.

Firstly, the official @kentico/gatsby-source-kontent plugin is included. The theme accepts the same options as the source plugin under the kontent configuration key.

Secondly, the @rshackleton/gatsby-transformer-kontent-image plugin is included. This adds support for Gatsby Image to the KontentAsset GraphQL type.


To contribute to this package please fork the repository to make your changes.

This project makes use of changesets. When making changes please ensure a new changeset is created to define how the package versions should be updated.

Once you are ready open a new PR into this repository with a clear and detailed description of the changes made and which issue(s) are affected.


To work on this repository you can use the yarn workspaces to test the plugin using the included Gatsby website. This can be done by running yarn start from the root or site directory.

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