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Gatsby 3 Theme Climate


Boilerpate code for a Gatsby 3 blog using Netlify for hosting. Based on principles of:

  • Accessibility
  • Security
  • Speed


  • Optimised for Gatsby 3 - using File Route API, new Gatsby 3 Image Plugin
  • 100% score of Lighthouse accessibility
  • Axe clean — no accessibility warnings on running axe tool
  • High lighthouse speed scores
  • A or higher security rating for headers from securityheaders.com
  • Correct use of semantic HTML (only one <h1> per page, sections and posts use <section> and <article> correctly etc.).


Climate needs gatsby, react and react-dom:

Learning Resources

How to Install

npm install gatsby-theme-climate gatsby react react-dom


yarn add gatsby-theme-climate gatsby react react-dom

Available Options

There are currently no available options.

When do I Use this Plugin?

Climate is a great theme for writing an MDX blog in Gatsby v3.

Examples of Usage

  • Copy .env.EXAMPLE to .env.development and .env.production and customise.
  • Edit config/website.js with your site details.
  • Replace the sample blog posts in content/blog with your own awesome posts.

How to Run Tests

Not currently implemented.

How to Develop Locally

gatsby develop

How to Contribute

Please see CONTRIBUTING.md

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