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Shopify starter theme to easily connect a Shopify store to your gatsby site and develope a custome store experience. It includes a custome hook to acces helper functions to add, update and remove objects from your shopify checkout.

How to install

npm i -S @rafaremo/gatsby-theme-shopify-starter


yarn add @rafaremo/gatsby-theme-shopify-starter

After install open your gatsby-config.js file and add the theme as follows.

module.exports = {
  plugins: [
      options: {
        shopName: "<your-store>.myshopify.com",
        accessToken: "STOREFRONT ACCESS TOKEN",
        basePath: "/",
        productBasePath: "/product", //Product base path
        collectionBasePath: "/collection" //Collection base path

Run your development environment

gatsby develop

Examples of usage

To start building your Gatsby Storefront you just need too shadow theme template pages and make usage of the custom cart hook to update the shopify checkout.

To use the custom hook import the hook from the theme package

import { useCart } from '@rafaremo/gatsby-theme-shopify-starter';

Then use the hook to acces the different utility functions to update the shopify checkout

const { store, addVariantToCart, removeLineItem, updateLineItem } = useCart();

When you are ready to send your client to the Shopify checkout use the store object from the useCart hook to get the checkout URL and redirect your client to that URL.

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