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Community Plugin
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PrestaShop source plugin for GatsbyJS.



npm install @pittica/gatsby-source-prestashop


The plugin provides source from a PrestaShop site.


Edit your gatsby-config.js.

module.exports = {
  plugins: [
      resolve: `@pittica/gatsby-source-prestashop`,
      options: {
        url: SHOP_URL,
        key: SHOP_KEY,
        locale: LOCALE,
        images: {
          download: false,
          format: {
            product: 'medium_default',
            category: 'category_default',
            manufacturer: 'manufacturer_default'
          extension: 'jpg'


  • url

    Description: The URL of the PrestaShop installation.

    Required: YES.

    Type: String.

  • key

    Description: The PrestaShop webservice key.

    Required: YES.

    Type: String.

  • locale

    Description: The locale iso_code of the language.

    Required: NO.

    Type: String.

  • images

    Description: Image settings.

    Required: NO.

    Type: Object.

    Default value: true

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