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SEO plugin for GatsbyJS.


npm npm

npm install @pittica/gatsby-plugin-seo


The plugin provides SEO optimization.


Edit your gatsby-config.js.

module.exports = {
  plugins: [
      resolve: `@pittica/gatsby-plugin-seo`,
      options: {
        siteUrl: ``,
        title: `SEO title`,
        description: `SEO description`,
        locale: {
          language: `en`,
          culture: `US`,
        image: `/DEFAULT_SHARING_IMAGE.jpg`,
        organization: {
          name: `My Company Name`,
          url: ``,
          logo: ``,
        socials: {
          instagram: {
            username: `INSTAGRAM_USERNAME`,
            icon: `instagram-icon-class`,
            show: true,
          github: {
            username: `GITHUB_USERNAME`,
            icon: `github-icon-class`,
            show: true,
          facebook: {
            page: `FACEBOOK_PAGE_USERNAME`,
            app: `FACEBOOK_APP_ID`,
            icon: `facebook-icon-class`,
            show: true,
          twitter: {
            username: `TWITTER_USERNAME`,
            site: `TWITTER_SITE_USERNAME`,
            icon: `twitter-icon-class`,
            show: true,
          linkedin: {
            page: `LINKEDIN_PAGE_USERNAME`,
            icon: `linkedin-icon-class`,
            show: true,
          fields: {
            title: `post.title`,
            description: `post.description`,
            next: `next.path`,
            previous: `previous.path`,
            image: `post.image`,
            imageFallback: `post.image`,
          debug: false,

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