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Novela is archived

Narative Team is now building Fey, a tool for strategic, focused trading for self-directed investors. check out their project.

Novela — A Gatsby theme by Narative

With minimal styling and maximum features — including multiple homepage layouts, built-in social sharing and dark mode — Novela makes it easy to start publishing beautiful articles and stories with Gatsby.

Novela was built by the team at Narative, and built for everyone that loves the web.

Special thanks to @narative for this awesome project and @jpvalery for helping maintain Novela.

gatsby-novela-theme hero image


We have stopped maintainig this project. There will be occassional PR reviews and merges of significant errors but do not expect any changes or responses to support questions in the future. Thank you to everyone that has contributed and continues to use and learn from Novela.

Why use Novela?

There are many Gatsby themes to choose from. Here’s why we think you won’t regret choosing Novela:

Multiple Homepage Layouts

Choose between a variable width grid or a simpler list style to display each story.

Mailchimp integration

Start building an audience and grow your blog subscribers with Mailchimp.

Toggleable Light and Dark Mode

Out of the box, Novela includes both light and dark designs that can be toggled by the user anywhere across the site.

gatsby-novela-theme light dark theme demonstration

Simple Customization with Theme UI

Consistent, easy-to-read code lets you quickly customize every color and setting.

Show code effortlessly

High quality embedded codeblocks that make authoring technical blog posts a breeze.


Users can select text within an article to copy or share to platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn.

gatsby-novela-theme light dark theme demonstration

Read Time and Progress

Read time is automatically generated for each article based on length, with an animated bar tracking the reader’s progress through each piece.

Accessibility in Mind

Navigable by cursor or keyboard, readable via screens and screen readers, Novela ensures everyone on the web can read what you write.

gatsby-novela-theme accessibility demonstration

The Future

This project is archived and only bug fixes will be made.

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