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Community Plugin
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This plugin is used to source product data from and the checkout API.

How To publish:

npm publish --access=public

How this works:

On build:

  1. query all the productData pages that exist
  2. merge the checkout API data with the builder data to generate a productSelectorData node with the following shape:
  id: data.title,
  useInProduction: data.useInProduction,
  thumbnailImage: data.thumbnailImage,
  url: data.url,
  productSelector: {
    onetime: {
        products: [],
        discounts: [],
        bumpOffers: []
    subscription: {
        products: [],
        discounts: [],
        bumpOffers: []

Improvement opportunities:

  • update the backend to get all prices by one request for all variants. It can make the plugin much faster
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