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GatStats is a dashboard for your tech blog.

… or a dashblog if you prefer? 🤷‍♂️

Properties sourced from frontmatter in src/posts/[name].mdx are used to create data visualizations to wow your readers.

👁️ Preview

🚀 Getting started


npm install @pauliescanlon/gatsby-theme-gatstats



Add the siteMetaData and @pauliescanlon/gatsby-theme-gatstats to your gatsby-config.js

module.exports = {
  siteMetadata: {
    title: "Your blog title",
    description: "I like tech",
    keywords: ["tech", "blog", "boop"],
    siteUrl: 'https://gatsby-theme-gatstats.netlify.com/',
    siteImage: 'name-of-open-graphy-image.jpg', // pop an image in the static folder to use it as og:image
    config: {
      headerHeight: 64,
      sideBarWidth: 240,
      twitter: 'pauliescanlon', // no need to include the @
      github: 'pauliescanlon'
  plugins: ['@pauliescanlon/gatsby-theme-gatstats']

directory structure

If you’d like to add more pages and posts add them to your src dir.

|-- src
    |-- pages
        |-- about.mdx
    |-- posts
        |-- year-post-dir
            |-- some-post-dir
                |-- some-post.mdx
                |-- some-image.jpg
                |-- some-embedding-image.jpg

frontmatter setup

For pages use the following template. The icon field is a path for any icon. This is an example is from Material Icons. The icon property is whats used to determine if an .mdx file is a page or a post. Pages appear in the side bar navigation

title: About
icon: 'M12 6c1.1 0 2 .9 2 2s-.9 2-2 2-2-.9-2-2 .9-2 2-2m0 10c2.7 0 5.8 1.29 6 2H6c.23-.72 3.31-2 6-2m0-12C9.79 4 8 5.79 8 8s1.79 4 4 4 4-1.79 4-4-1.79-4-4-4zm0 10c-2.67 0-8 1.34-8 4v2h16v-2c0-2.66-5.33-4-8-4z'

# Demo About

This is about from the demo

For posts use the following template

title: Some Post
tags: ["Gatsbyjs", "React"]
date: 2019-11-13
status: draft // setting the status to draft hides the post from blog
featuredImage: some-image.jpg
  - some-embeddedImage.jpg

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

🖼️ Embedding Images

Embedding images into .mdx can be tricky but using MdxRenderer we can still use frontmatter to pass graphQL image data to any part of the post body


Add locally sourced images to frontmatter using embeddedImages then pass a reference to them to the <EmbeddedImage /> component via props.

The <EmbeddedImage /> component is part of the theme and is passed to all .mdx files using the MDXProvider so you don’t have to import anything for this to work.

There’s a couple of optional helper props for width and justifyContent so you get a bit more control over size and alignment.


The <EmbeddedImage /> component accepts a width prop which can be used to control the image size. The width prop can either be a single string which will apply the the same size across all breakpoints or an array of sizes to use across the breakpoints defined in the theme.

  - image1.jpg
  - image2.jpg

Post body text

  width={['100%', '75%', '50%', '25%']}

More post body text


👥 Component Shadowing

You know about component shadowing right? By shadowing the filePath/fileName you can replace any component in the theme with your own.

Once such component might be src/components/Code/Code.tsx this file is in charge of formatting code snippets. For the time being the only way to format the colours used in code snippets is to change the theme used by prism-react-renderer

If you need to re-style the code snippets shadow this component and change the bits you need.


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