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With gatsby-mdx-embed you can embed media content from providers like Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and a number of others directly in .mdxno imports required

👁️ Preview

🚀 Getting started


npm install @pauliescanlon/gatsby-mdx-embed --save

Install peer dependencies

npm install gatsby-plugin-mdx @mdx-js/mdx @mdx-js/react --save


// gatsby.config
module.exports = {
  plugins: [`@pauliescanlon/gatsby-mdx-embed`]

gatsby-mdx-embed automatically injects an MDXProvider. If it’s the first and / or only plugin that uses this method you shouldn’t have any clashes.

However, if you’re using a theme or some other plugin that uses .mdx you may need to switch the order of the plugins.

A note on using multiple MDXProvider(s) directly from @chrisbiscardi

Multiple providers will merge the components object. Last provider wins

If the above doesn’t help you might need to manually import the MdxEmbedProvider and use it to wrap your MDXRenderer

// layout.js

import { MdxEmbedProvider } from '@pauliescanlon/gatsby-mdx-embed';


General Observer update 07/05/2020

MDX Embed has been updated to include Intersection Observer support for all providers.

With Intersection Observer support now heavy provider scripts won’t be loaded until the component in question scrolls in to view… Keeping your site blazing fast! ⚡

If you’re using gatsby-mdx-embed in your project i’d love to hear from you @pauliescanlon


Thanks to the following projects which were used as references

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