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Community Plugin
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Subfont is a command line tool that optimizes font delivery for HTML files.

gatsby-plugin-subfont wraps the tool and automatically runs in your site’s homepage.


npm install --save gatsby-plugin-subfont

If you want the ability to run font subsetting locally you’l need Python and install fonttools with this command line:

pip install fonttools brotli zopfli

How to use

// In your gatsby-config.js
module.exports = {
  plugins: [
      resolve: `gatsby-plugin-subfont`,
      options: {
        silent: true,
        fallback: false,
        inlineFonts: true,


See subfont for a full list of options.

Name Default Description
root public Path to your web root
canonicalRoot URI root where the site will be deployed. Must be either an absolute, a protocol-relative, or a root-relative url
output Directory where results should be written to
fallbacks true Include fallbacks so the original font will be loaded when dynamic content gets injected at runtime.
dynamic false Also trace the usage of fonts in a headless browser with JavaScript enabled
inPlace true Modify HTML-files in-place. Only use on build artifacts
inlineFonts false Inline fonts as data-URIs inside the @font-face declaration
inlineCss true Inline CSS that declares the @font-face for the subset fonts
fontDisplay swap Injects a font-display value into the @font-face CSS. Valid values: auto, block, swap, fallback, optional
formats ['woff2', 'woff'] Font formats to use when subsetting. [choices: “woff2”, “woff”, “truetype”]
subsetPerPage false Create a unique subset for each page.
recursive false Crawl all HTML-pages linked with relative and root relative links. This stays inside your domain
silent true Do not write anything to stdout
debug false Verbose insights into font glyph detection
dryRun false Don’t write anything to disk
inputFiles ['public/index.html'] htmlFile(s) or url(s)
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