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Minimal Portfolio


A simple portfolio with About Us, Projects and Contact Us sections created using Theme UI and MDX

Learning Resources

Please refer to Gatsby themes for more information about themes and how to use them. Also the shadowing section explains how you can override the sections of the theme and customize it.

How to install

You can install the theme simply by executing the following command within your Gatsby project.

npm i @openarchitex/gatsby-theme-minimal-portfolio

When do I use this theme?

If you’d want to set up a simple portfolio web page this is a great theme to use. It has three sections About Us, Projects and Contact Us.

Examples of usage

Example Usage

// gatsby-config.js
module.exports = {
  plugins: [
      resolve: `@openarchitex/gatsby-theme-minimal-portfolio`,
      options: {},

You can use theme shadowing to override the sections in the theme. All the files relevant to the theme should go under @opanarchitex/gatsby-theme-minimal-portfolio. For example banner.mdx and logo.svg is overridden in the example site.

How to develop locally

From the root of the theme folder (i.e: gatsby-theme-minimal-portfolio) you can run the theme in development mode using,

yarn gatsby develop

The structure of the repo is as follows:

  • src/components: This contains all components

  • src/templates: This is the entry point to all the other components

  • src/sections: The mdx documents that is used by the theme

  • src/images: All images used by the theme

  • gatsby-plugin-theme-ui: The styles related to Theme UI

How to contribute

If you have any suggestions for improvement do not hesitate to open an issue or pull request.

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