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Community Plugin
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A simple Gatsby plugin that loads google fonts using the new v2 API. It also supports importing variable size fonts.


yarn add gatsby-plugin-google-fonts-v2
// or
npm install gatsby-plugin-google-fonts-v2

Add to Gatsby Config

In gatbsy-config.js

plugins: [
    resolve: `gatsby-plugin-google-fonts-v2`,
    options: {
      fonts: [
          family: 'Roboto Slab',
          variable: true,
          weights: ['200..900']
  // other plugins


Plugin options:

  • verbose (optional)
    • enables the error reporting in case any malformed options are passed to the font
  • legacy (optional)
    • it uses the v1 api. CAUTION: this will disable variable font and will error out if both are used at the same time.
    • not fully implemented yet
  • display (optional)
    • enables font-display option. Details here
    • defaults to display=swap

Font options:

  • family (required)
    • the font family you would like to use as it appears in Google Fonts - it will be formatted by capitalising the first letter of every word and replacing space with ”+”
  • strictName (optional)
    • if used, the font family name will be used as the user typed it. Useful for some fonts that have ALL CAPS names
  • variable (optional)
    • if used, it signals that the font is a variable width font and will revert to using the (min_weight..max_weight) format for the font weight - if not present, the font will be treated as a regular font and will require the regular font weight format
  • weights: (optional)
    • if not used, the font will load with the default weight selected

Weights formats

  • Regular font

    • ['300']- will load the 300 weight
    • ['300', '900'] - will load the 300 and 900 weights
  • Variable font

    • ['200..500'] - will load the non-italic version with all weights between 200 and 500
    • ['200..500', [300..400] - will load the non-italic version with all weights between 200 and 500 AND italic version with weights between 300 and 400
    • ['', '200..500'] - will load just the italic version with all weights between 200 and 500
    • NB: Will only work with variable: true

Have fun. PR’s are welcomed.

PS. Excuse the readme formatting. Markdown is not my friend.

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