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Based on codeAdrian/gatsby-omni-font-loader, fix Google fonts block rendering issue

I found codeAdrian/gatsby-omni-font-loader v2.0.2 caused PageSpeed complains that Google Fonts blocked rendering.

According to this article and this article (@codeAdrian’s), I fixed generators/getFontConfig.tsx, components/AsyncFonts.tsx. The problem is gone.

So I decide to publish this package for my personal use.

In case you encountered the same issue, use my package this way:

    npm i @nathanpate/gatsby-omni-font-loader react-helmet

The configuration in gatsby-config.js:

  /* Include plugin */
  resolve: "@nathanpate/gatsby-omni-font-loader",

  /* Plugin options */
  options: {

    /* Font loading mode */
    mode: "async",

    /* Enable font loading listener to handle FOUT */
    enableListener: true,

    /* Preconnect URL-s. This example is for Google Fonts */
    preconnect: ["https://fonts.gstatic.com"],

    /* Self-hosted fonts config. Add font files and font CSS files to "static" folder */
    custom: [
        /* Exact name of the font as defied in @font-face CSS rule */
        name: ["Font Awesome 5 Brands", "Font Awesome 5 Free"],
        /* Path to the font CSS file inside the "static" folder with @font-face definition */
        file: "/fonts/fontAwesome/css/all.min.css",

    /* Web fonts. File link should point to font CSS file. */
    web: [{
        /* Exact name of the font as defied in @font-face CSS rule */
        name: "Staatliches",
        /* URL to the font CSS file with @font-face definition */
        file: "https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Staatliches",


Original repo: codeAdrian/gatsby-omni-font-loader

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