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Community Plugin
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This plugin creates a nginx conf file with the gatsby created redirects


Gatsby version 4

In order to work you have to use the output .conf file in your nginx server

How to install

npm install --save @mediporta/gatsby-plugin-nginx-redirect

Available options

inputConfigFile (required)

The path for input nginx configuration file

outputConfigFile (required)

The path of the outputted nginx configuration file with the redirects within.

whereToIncludeRedirects (optional)(defaults to: “server”)

Dot notation to define where to include the redirects. So “server” will search for the server header, “http.server” will search for http containing server.

Examples of usage

In gatsby-config.js

plugins: [
    resolve: "@mediporta/gatsby-plugin-nginx-redirect",
    options: {
      inputConfigFile: `${__dirname}/nginx.conf`,
      outputConfigFile: `${__dirname}/nginx.out.conf`,
      whereToIncludeRedirects: "http.server" // defaults to: "server"

Now you can use gatsby`s createRedirect action to generate your custom http redirects

How to contribute

Feel free to open an issue with your doubt, bug or suggestion.

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