Source plugin for Gatsby. Pulls in data from protected routes via the WooCommerce REST API with credentials.


npm i --save @massivdash/gatsby-source-woocommerce

How to Use

// In gatsby-config.js
    resolve: "@massivdash/gatsby-source-woocommerce",
    options: {
     // Base URL of Wordpress site
     api: 'wordpress.domain',
      // This counts controls the API get with ?per_page=
      // default: 10
      itemCount: 20,

      // set to true to see fetch output in console, during build 
      // default: false
      verbose: true,

      // true if using https. false if nah.
      https: false,
      api_keys: {
        consumer_key: <key>,
        consumer_secret: <secret>,
      // Array of strings with fields you'd like to create nodes for...
      fields: ['products']

Currently Supported Fields

  • Products
  • Customers
  • Orders
  • Reports
  • Coupons


This is fork from



03.03. 2019 Added support for page pagination via ?per_page= request for displaying more than 10 products in a single call.

09.03.2019 Added verbose output to console for details while fetching nodes. Updated packages