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Gatsby Theme JDoe

Deploy to Netlify

It is developed by Mars using the Jamstack architecture, combining the power of Gatsby (React and GraphQL) with Tailwind CSS and Netlify CMS to provide a fast, reliable, and fully customizable tool, served by the Netlify CDN. 🚀

You can see it in action by visiting the demo.


Just click the “Netlify” button at the top of this README. Yup, that’s it. 😄

You just have to follow the instructions and you’ll have a copy of our repository, with even our links so you can get used to the admin panel.

Available features

Other than creating a link list, currently, you can:

  • Add a custom favicon;
  • Integrate Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager with just an ID;
  • Freely customize buttons, background, and font colors.

You can also live preview all your changes while you work on them.

License and contributions

This project is open source and you’re free to fork and remix it to fit your needs.

If there’s any feature you’d like to see implemented, we’d love to see your feedback on our issues page. While we can’t promise to develop every request, we’re happy to accept community contributions.

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