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Syndicate blog articles to Medium from your gatsby/ghost blog

How to use this plugin

  1. install the package eg npm i @many-monkeys/gatsby-plugin-ghost-syndicate-medium
  2. add the following to your gatsby-config.js
            resolve: `@many-monkeys/gatsby-plugin-ghost-syndicate-medium`,
            options: {
                apiToken: `your-medium-integration-token`,  // see https://medium.com/me/settings
                blogUrl: `https://yourblog.com`,            // the host name of your blog
                syndicationTag: `#medium`,                  // a tag (public or internal) to control access to which articles are syndicated - default null means all articles are considered
                age: 300,                                   // how recent an article (updated) should be to be considered for syndication, between 180 and 3600 seconds, default 300
                continueOnFailure: false,                   // allow publish to continue if failure occurs during syndication, default true


  1. Articles are only published in draft mode, you will need to login into medium to complete the publish
  2. There is no API (medium) to list published articles or to update existing ones and so it is possible (probable) that you’ll have multiple articles with the same name; this is why all articles are currently published as draft (*).
  3. Internal tags (those beginning with #) are removed from the post
  4. Medium has rate limiting in place - this is not yet handled as it is rare that more than a few articles would be updated at a time.
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